Leaving a Legacy of Leaders comes with certain challenges, and even costs you, perhaps even your very own life. Leadership today is not simply learned, it is modeled. Eleven generations ago my grandpa demonstrated leadership that would ultimately cost him his life. He was a man of Character with a Passion to influence generations based on the principles found in the Bible.

It is now approximately 400 years ago that he was persecuted and viciously decapitated. He became an Anabaptist martyr. He stood firmly on the foundation that the church should be independent and free from all coercion and violence, essentially the church was to be pure, undefiled by political agendas, control and manipulation. Many Anabaptists were beheaded, drowned, and burnt at the stake.

Sadly, we are seeing this kind of persecution still, the correlation with ISIL, ISIS that continues to plague Christianity.

Reformation followed the beheading of my grandfather, as the Mennonite and Amish Faith was born. We were called Anabaptist (meaning we believed in a believer’s baptism). This is when the state church required that children were to be baptized as infants. We recognize that believers should acknowledge their faith and be baptized as they realized the truth of the Gospel.

“Our forefathers took a stand consistent with their personal relationship with Jesus Christ to radically serve the lord and follow God’s Word. Because of the great persecution we became the silent, fearing man as opposed to following the Lord. The influence of the persecution has stalled the Amish and Mennonites from Leaving a Legacy of Leaders, that honors our forefathers of old. The passion of our forefathers is now being reignited as we discover a fresh move of the Spirit among the Mennonites and Amish here in Lancaster County, that is influencing the world.

Today we see fresh hunger within our community to get to know God, to read his word, follow his principles and to change the culture for good. We are noticing that leaders from all over the globe are coming to Lancaster County for refreshment as well as innovating, collaborating and mobilizing other leaders in their communities. This is what we can identify as contagious Christianity. The impact that is occurring in real time has results that are creating a pure culture, relational equity, business growth and is establishing a solid blueprint. The blueprint of Character, Trust and Passion is producing a result – “the yield is creativity, the production of social improvement, economic development, character development and serving leadership in both business and churches worldwide.”

“This fresh awareness is causing us to understand the importance of honoring our heritage and to speak up in times where silence was preferred. We are no longer the silent, we have become aware of the agenda of the enemy, that was designed to silence our people, and we are now standing up for righteousness and no longer submitting to false power. This is a profound move of the Holy Spirit, that is effecting our daily decisions and advancing the gospel. In short, we are redeeming time and ushering in the Kingdom of God. It is a moment of celebration and we proclaim Jubilee for our people. Those associated with this move are reporting miraculous happenings, we are a Blessed People.

As I look back over the years I see that 60 years ago my Dad and Mother “Luke and Edna” Weaver had a hunger and determination for the things of God. My parents would go anywhere that they could to influence people seeking God. The journey was partially learning, and now has graduated to teaching at “at 90 years of age. They are some of the most discerning learners and teachers that know when to do what. This is their particular gift and impartation to others. My father is one of the best prayer warriors. Leaders seek him out for wisdom and prayer support as he continues to petition heaven on behalf of some of the top ministers all over the world.

Our mutual goal is to raise a new generation of world changers. These amazing disciples are sent back into their unique culture to raise the standard in effort to advance Kingdom dominion.”

“Essentially our calling is to GIVE A VOICE to other leaders, to increase their influence and to establish the Kingdom Mandate, to reach every nation for Jesus Christ. We deeply believe that the essentials come from the word of God, and that there is no substitution for God’s Word. We purpose to develop disciples that exhibit godly character so that everywhere they go they exemplify godliness in this world. The unique factor is that we model the behavior needed to introduce change, and change based on the Word of God.

My Father and Mother have lived their lives as an epistle of true Character, having a Passion to influence people groups like the Amish, English and Mennonites to connect with their original purpose, to bring honor to God and live out lives that demonstrate Christ.

We here at Grace Chapel will help you to apply Kingdom Principles to live out on a day-to-day basis. It is my desire that those Kingdom principles will become core to your living.

As an example, here are some non negotiable principles:

1. Biblical Truth (The foundation, scripture informs all decisions)
2. Authenticity (Be real, even when it hurts)
3. Serving Leadership (Make it about[…]”
4. Be a Family (Love one another)
5. Be Excellent (Continuous improvement)”
Excerpt From: Winship, William. “Kindle Version 12.05.” iBooks.