Sept. 17 Sunday 9:00 am SUNDAY SCHOOL Lower Level

Children—Lower Level
Adults—Larry Herneisey/Teri Lucas Conference Rm

10:00am Worship Celebration— Pastor Mel Weaver
10:30 am Elementary Age Children’s Church Lower Level

Sept. 18 Monday 6:30 pm Worship Practice!
Sept. 19 Tuesday 7 am—4 pm
3:30—5 pm
CHESS Homeschool
Encore Parent Meeting
“ “ 7:00 pm Tuesday Midweek Service

“Living God’s Kingdom 24/7”
Sept. 13 Wednesday 6:00 am Early Morning Prayer— All are welcome!!
“ “ 9 am—1 pm Food Pantry/Bread Ministry


Because the Grace Chapel Facility/Campus are cooled and heated already on Tuesdays for CHESS, the Homeschool group who uses the Campus, this change will be taking place in order to conserve energy as well as save on finances.

Thank you for understanding.

ALL CHURCH WORK DAY Saturday, September 23
8:30 AM—Noon Lunch will be provided!

This is in preparation for our annual Missions Convention.
We will be cleaning inside and some will be working outside.
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This Week

Adult Sunday School Class Location: Conference Rm beyond the Prayer Garden

This quarter the Adult Sunday School Class will begin a study on The Compassion of Jesus
from the Book of Luke, with goals to:
1. Impart and Reinforce Knowledge 2. Influence Attitudes 3. Influence Behavior

September and October will focus on:
Compassion for the Outcast – the leper, the paralytic, the tax collector.
Signs of the Savior – the sick healed, the dead raised, messiahship.
Our Forgiving Savior – self- righteous Pharisee, sinful woman, love and forgiveness, Simon rebuked, woman forgiven.
Jesus Christ, Master of All – calming the storm, driving out demons, evidence of deliverance.

Jesus, Healer and Life-Giver – desperate needs, woman healed, girl raised to life.

Jesus Heals on the Sabbath – healed on the Sabbath, hypocrites rebuked, critics silenced.

Jesus Offers Salvation – unwillingness, saved?, glory of following.
Jesus Gives Hope for the Future – troubling times, redemption near, watch and pray.