Pastors Mel & Rosemary Weaver Missions Journey

         During my first year at International Bible College in San Antonio, Texas, I was asked to write a paper stating what my life’s goal would be. I wrote that it was my goal to “pastor a great Mission minded church.” It is almost hard to believe that Rosemary and I came out of International Bible College in 1970. Then in 1972 took our first pastorate at 23 years old, at Faith Temple in Spindale North Carolina. We returned to Grace Chapel  in 1976, fresh from our first pastorate of 4 years in Spindale, North Carolina, back to the Harrisburg area. We served Grace Chapel assisting my Dad, Pastor Luke, as associate pastors for 10 years until under the direction of the Holy Spirit and the oversight of Pastor Luke and the Elders, in 1986 we were placed in as Senior Pastors of Grace Chapel.

           God was faithful to us as we took the challenge and continued to encourage the Missions program here along with other areas of ministry at Grace Chapel. We saw His faithfulness and provision for the Missionary Family each year. As of this writing, Praise the Lord!, we can say that the Grace Chapel family has given more to Missions and are touching more missionaries in different countries of the world than the average church does in America. This has come about all because of the faithful giving of people like you. Thank YOU for helping us, under the direction of the Holy Spirit, to fulfill the dream that we had over 48 years ago!

           In July of 1977, shortly after moving into our new facility here in Elizabethtown, our first missions convention was conceived and initiated. That effort has continued annually. These conventions reflect one central theme…WORLD MISSIONS! The program has grown from 2 missionaries in 1966 too many more over the years. Presently we are helping to support 21 missionaries. Our goal is: “lives being touched and changed for God’s glory through men and women committed to the redemptive purpose of  God on this earth.” Only eternity will reveal the real growth of that part of God’s outreach as He measures it in terms of His eternal plan and purpose. May we be found faithful!

We are so glad that you can be a part of what the Lord is doing on the earth today! The vision, heart and desire of all of us here at Grace Chapel is to see the nations who still have not heard the Gospel come to worship Jesus. The Bible says that people from every tribe, tongue, people, and nation will be standing before the throne of God worshipping Him (Rev. 7:9,10). But how can these people worship God if they have never heard the truth about Him? And how can they hear about Him, if no one goes to them (Rom. 10:14,15)? We desire to hear the precious sound in heaven of people from every tribe, praising the Lord in their native language. We pray that you will allow the Lord to speak to your heart as well.

           In the coming months we will be presenting to you update information from these “Ambassadors of the Faith”. We trust that you will become acquainted with missionaries that are supported with monthly commitments. Let God direct you in giving into their ministries. You may want to use this information as a prayer guide. Thank you for all that you are doing to help send this glorious Gospel to people who have never heard before. 


May I See Souls In Other Nations Saved!

Yours for souls,


Pastor Mel & Rosemary Weaver

and the Grace Chapel Missions Board

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